About Us

At Lovegan Store, our aim is to offer you 100% ethically made, soft cotton t-shirts with timeless streetwear designs and vegan lifestyle slogans that reflect our love and care for our planet! 🌍

Many people around us are unaware of the cruelty behind what they eat and what they wear every day. They may also know little about veganism, or have no interest in educating themselves on how they can live a better life and make this world a better place.


We started as a small business in 2018, and our aim is to continue providing our vegan community with cruelty-free products that share our beliefs, reasons, feelings and goals (sometimes in a bit of a humorous way 😊).

We believe that the vegan lifestyle can become the norm. We believe that veganism is not just a diet but also a way of thinking, and a moral issue about caring for our environment as well as for each other. We believe that fashion can be one of the most unique and powerful ways of raising awareness and spreading this movement.

We hope you enjoy our t-shirts as much as we enjoy making them available to you. 💚

With love,

Lovegan Store Team 🌱